Schemeka Bowrin is a Generational Curse Breaker! She is a single mom to seven children, blogger, aspiring motivational speaker and published author.

When life didn’t have a seat at the table for her...she created her own table.

Schemeka is the CEO and founder of The WriteHER Connection, an organization that mentors while speaking to the heart of young girls and women which creates a no judgement zone, safe space, and allows them to tell their story. Schemeka has faced numerous adversities in life from abusive and toxic relationships. To becoming her own worst nightmare, a toxic mommy. She has battled alcohol addiction and suffered the trauma surrounding abortion. But each time life knocked her down, she got back up, and was made stronger. Despite life’s harsh treatment, Schemeka chooses to live and walk graciously with the confidence that she is blessed beyond her measures. “My story could have been written totally different “. Schemeka’s motto in life is “Change Your Mindset and Then Change the Game”