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I was on my way to a funeral and I didn’t know where I was going, so of course, I plugged the address into my GPS and trusted that it was going to get me to my destination. As I got closer to my destination, I started to get anxious because in my mind I knew that I was almost there, but because I wasn’t familiar with the area it still felt like I had a little ways to go. Right as I was supposed to make my final turn to get to the church I looked to my left and I saw what I thought was a familiar face going in another direction. I thought to myself oh I must have gotten here to late… without calling, without following my GPS, I decided to go turn around and follow the familiar. As I was trying to make my u-turn, my GPS kept telling me to “proceed to the route” but I was insistent on making this u-turn. The funny thing is I couldn’t catch a break in traffic to make the turn and my GPS said again “proceed to route”.

Finally, I make my turn and go in the direction that “I “ thought was correct. And my GPS then said “REROUTING”. Well, after another 30 minutes of driving I finally made to the intermittent. I got out of my car stretched my legs and went in to the mausoleum. I didn’t see the familiar face that I saw which made me turn. As a matter of fact. I didn’t see anyone I knew. The pastor got up to speak and when he called the name of the deceased I realized I was at the wrong funeral 😳😳😳

I got back on my car just quickly as I could and started to talk to God. I was extremely frustrated at this point. I asked God why would you let me go in the wrong direction? And just as clear as day God spoke back and told me; whenever you take your eyes off me you end up going in the wrong direction. I mean, it was so clear I thought there was someone in my back seat talking to me. I even turn around to look. 😂😩

Anyway, I asked God so what do I do now? And He said go back to your original destination. Of course I rolled my eyes because it was like 40 or so miles away. I plugged in the address in my GPS and because I recently used the address it populated automatically. I begin driving and I’m having this talk with God and I’m wondering why I’m so easily distracted and I thought about all the things that were going on in my life and how each of them were one by one assisting me to not focus on God and His direction for me. I thought about how “my” decisions caused me take many detours. I thought about how I had taken God into areas of my life that I truly should have been ashamed of. God and I were in this deep conversation, I mean deep! I looked down and my GPS said “arrived”. I got out of my car only to find that this time that I was actually late😔😔. There was a gentleman in the church and I asked if he knew the direction to the repast. He did, he gave me the directions and I was like I’m not going to remember that ( I think I had a slight tude). Then he looked right in my eyes and said “young lady listen to my directions”. He repeated his directions. And just like that, I got it!!

I got back in my car and drove to the repast. And when I got there, my sis was happy to see me, late and all…

I paused… If I had listened to my GPS, (God) I would not have had to take an unnecessary detour. You see God wants the best for us. Not average, mediocre or just “ok”. He wants the Best! It’s only when we stop trusting Him and lean on our own understanding that we lose sight of His vision because we think our way is so much better.

Trust the Process even when you don’t know where you’re going.

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